Hospital visitors association


About the association


The INSTITUT HOSPITALIER FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE of LEVALLOIS-PERRET, is a place where we hope to expand our presence, in a spirit of mutual respect with all of the professionals and the management of the INSTITUT HOSPITALIER FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE

’THE CENTRE of our ACTION’’: to be there for patients. We try to provide them with ‘extra’ human warmth, help them in dealing with loneliness and waiting whilst always seeking to build up their confidence, hope and energy.

OUR AIM: To strengthen our team, extend our domain of intervention and be present in as many wards and units as possible

Some essential figures

  • 1634: year of our foundation.
  • 1953: VMEH (Visite des Malades dans les Établissements Hospitaliers) officially recognised as a non-political, non-religious organisation of public interest.
  • 2009: additional commitment to the defence of user’s rights (défense des droits des Usagers – CDU).
  • More than 8,000 volunteers in 1,000 hospitals covering 84 French departments



Are you a good listener, with an open mind and can you give up 2 to 3 hours a week?

Let us know at the Institut Hospitalier FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE, contact:

  • Francis FRAPPART (Manager V.M.E.H.): 06. 60 .57 .96. 51
  • Marie-Claude ALISSE: 06 .64 .77. 96 51